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Davina Wants Ramsay Minogue For Bb

She beautiful. He gave the cold shoulder on X Factor - has been treating Kate Thornton. And Dannii Minogue. He added: I do not believe that it was up to Simon Cowell, I just think that hard as a woman to have a woman come together and take your spotlight. I love Cheryl Cole, Simon and I believe that genius know, but I felt sorry for Dannii. I d love Gordon Ramsay, and Chris Moyles, but d never do it, said McCall Celebs On Sunday magazine. Davina McCall revealed that she wants Gordon Ramsay, Chri Moyle and Dannii Minogue to appear on Celebrity Big Brother in the future. The exhibition host has confirmed that training was a dream of stars in mind for the Channel 4 reality show, but believes that some of them would be reluctant to sign. And I d love to see you Richard and Judy.
22.1.09 11:56

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