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Davina Wants Ramsay Minogue For Bb

She beautiful. He gave the cold shoulder on X Factor - has been treating Kate Thornton. And Dannii Minogue. He added: I do not believe that it was up to Simon Cowell, I just think that hard as a woman to have a woman come together and take your spotlight. I love Cheryl Cole, Simon and I believe that genius know, but I felt sorry for Dannii. I d love Gordon Ramsay, and Chris Moyles, but d never do it, said McCall Celebs On Sunday magazine. Davina McCall revealed that she wants Gordon Ramsay, Chri Moyle and Dannii Minogue to appear on Celebrity Big Brother in the future. The exhibition host has confirmed that training was a dream of stars in mind for the Channel 4 reality show, but believes that some of them would be reluctant to sign. And I d love to see you Richard and Judy.
22.1.09 11:56

Jim Carrey Jenny Mccarthy And 50 Cent Party At Sundance

Based on a true story, Carrey plays a policeman-turned-conman Steven Russell, who falls in love with his cellmate Phillip Morri (McGregor) and four times escapes from prison in Texas, where he is playing in an attempt to be with his partner. Jim Carrey outed his new film I Love You Phillip Morri at the Sundance Film Festival this week, taking a risk gay romantic comedy to share moments of passion with co-star Ewan McGregor. For Carrey, one of Hollywood biggest box office draws in comedies like Liar Liarand Bruce Almighty by taking the role in an independent film likePhilip Morriscould prove to be a real game of chance. All of Hollywood has fled to Washington DC for the historic inauguration of Barack Obama or spent the weekend at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.
22.1.09 11:55

Woo Hoo Quot Fringe Quot Is Back

I am very psyched for this. Good Day opening. Now back to the pop culture world, there sa new episode tonight on Fringe! After too many weeks, Fox has relented, offering what could be a doozy for the fans: We meet his sister Anna Torv agent Olivia, and a formal investigation of the Division Fringe is promised. I ll avara say a good word for American Idol: If after Idol as lead-in helps Fringe in votes, all - well, a lot - is forgiven, Simon Cowell.
22.1.09 11:55

Kelly Clarkson New Single Is A Hit

Kelly Clarkson iTunes chart burn! L former competitor Idol new song, it would Suck My Life Without You, which currently holds the # 12 spot on the card and was issued only hours ago.Interesting note, he U2 kicks butt! The Irish boys are currently # 25 with their new, more on the craptastic new [...]
22.1.09 11:55

Verne Favourite To Win Celebrity Big Brother

Tommy Sheridan Sky Bet has Ben Adam and 5 / 2 favorite to be evicted.. The public has already begun to vote for those who want to win the show on Friday, and the two housemates with the least number of votes will start out. Austin Power The star is currently 1 / 3 favorites to win the show, as two celebrities face eviction from the house Wednesday night - two days before the show final.
22.1.09 11:55

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